Sheep Book Cover

Sheep - From Lamb to Loom

“In her collection of atmospheric paintings Kate Lynch follows sheep through the seasons, finding farmers and craftspeople working in related trades, from the Mendips and Exmoor down to the Levels and the sea. Her work forms a fascinating picture of rural life.”

Louise Elliott, Country Living Magazine

Kate spent three years shadowing Somerset shepherds and their sheep, making drawings, paintings and interviewing the farmers. The hard-back book ‘Sheep - From Lamb to Loom‘ is available to purchase, please click here.

“I don't use a harness, it's quite hard physically, but it depends on how you do it, I try to minimise the energy, try to relax and I think a sheep senses that. It's like any animal, if you force it to do something it’s not going to like it, so try to get as relaxed as you can.”

Adrian Reiersen, sheep shearer