The Beekeeper and the Bee Book Cover

The Beekeeper and the Bee

Kate spent over two years shadowing Somerset beekeepers and producing a collection of drawings and paintings of beekeepers and bees. The project resulted in a touring exhibition and hard-back book. The book travels through the seasons describing the work of the beekeepers and bees. The paintings and drawings are accompanied by evocative words of the beekeepers collected by Kate in her conversations and interviews with them.

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“There’s always been bees in the orchards in my time, and Father said when he was a nipper there were always bees. Father never kept bees himself. Fred Higgins had bees out here - all the old-timers used to keep them out here. John Talbot was the last chap, and when he gave up I took over.”

Andrew Hecks, cider maker and beekeeper