Painting by Kate Lynch

Painting by Kate Lynch



FARM – Paintings, drawings and Somerset voices
Somerset Rural Life Museum, Glastonbury
3rd June – 3rd December 2017

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There is over 40 new paintings and charcoal drawings of farmers at work on their farms on the Somerset Levels and slopes of the hills close-by. In her conversations with them they take us back to a time when there were hundreds of small mixed farms, when a handful of cows, a few sheep, hens and pigs, and food to feed them on, were enough to support a family. In the exhibition their voices can be heard. The paintings and drawings illustrate the farmers milking cows, running sheep, scraping yards, cheddaring curd and turning cheeses, herding geese, driving tractors, harvesting willow for the basketmaker and wheat for the thatcher, picking fruit, and pressing apples for cider.

“In those days there were lots of small farms, it wasn’t so much earning a living, it was a way of life. Everyone had a few cows, there were at least ten small farms milking in Pitney. We all hand-milked.”

Dave Walrond”

“My father ran a boar service – he used to keep a boar for other people to bring their sows to. I remember when it was about ten shillings a time… Bill Hodge used to bring his sow down her on a horse and cart.”

Jimmy Lockyer